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About Me

Personal: I am Father and a Husband who enjoys going to the movies with my family, spending summer weekends going camping with friends and playing my bass with my band in the man cave. I love working on my classic Bronco when I can find a little spare time; and driving it in the sun, when we have some here in Washington.

Business: I love the gaming industry so much that I couldn't help myself. I went ahead and created my very own Indie Game Studio called UDead Games, LLC with a good friend, and now I am a Founder/Developer/Artist making games for people to enjoy. I fell in love with video games ever since I got my first game console as a kid. The wonderful Atari 2600, hopefully that doesn't date my age too much. Even though I always thought that it would be neat to work for the gaming industry growing up, although I didn't know how possible it would be till now.

Now I am finally doing something that has been a career in the making since childhood and couldn't be happier. I look forward to many years in the game industry spreading my artwork and love for making games across the world, at the very least, here in the U.S.




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