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About Me

Welcome to my portfolio, my name is Shawn O'Donnell and I am a passionate 3D Visualization Artist. a husband to a wonderful wife and a father to an amazing daughter. Originally I am from California, but don't worry, I have lived in the Great Seattle Area since 1993 and without giving a away my age, I have been here more than half my life, so I would consider myself a Seatteite. Things I love doing are art (of course), camping, road trips, quading and off-roading.


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My main focus is modeling and texturing realistic environments and props for visualization, film and games, with additional talents with lighting and rendering along with digital painting, some scripting for art tools and even a little programming, allowing me to be a more versatile 3D Artist. I pride myself on my ability to work under tight deadlines and organize the creation of assets for large projects whether in house or outsourced assets.


Maya | 3DS Max | Blender | Adobe Suite | Substance Suite | ZBrush | Simplygon

Game Engines:

Unreal Engine | Unity

Released Products:

(VR)Windows 10 Mixed Reality | (AR)Hololens

Digital Artwork:

Modeling | Texturing | Painting | Concepts | Illustrations | Lighting | Rendering

Traditional Artwork:

Concept Art | Thumbnailing | Sketching

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3D Visualization Artist